10 Must See Horror Movies - 2020 List

We'll start a little light for those that need their hand held throughout this cavalcade of horrors. This is in no way a Top 10 list, mainly some of our favorite horror films up to date. Believe me... this list could be a lot longer but who really has time for that these days? DM me for more... we can talk about horror movies all day.
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Nothing beats the original Elm Street movies. One of Wes Craven's finest, the treatment actually comes from real life articles about a wave of deaths that happened to mainly people of Southeast Asian decent living in the United States. The afflicted would suddenly scream in their sleep - and then they would die. It was a strange phenomenon at the time. It lead to inspiring Wes Craven to write the original script for the first film in the series. A child murderer who dies by the hands of angry parents only to come back to finish what he started as a demonic entity who kills people in their dreams.
There are 7 movies total with Craven only directing the first and the last in the franchise.
The Mist
9. THE MIST (2007)
Based on the 1980 novella by Stephen King, directed by Frank Darabont. A small town gets mysteriously invaded by an unknown force in the form of a mist and pins a group of people into a local grocery store. Beliefs and political stance break the group in half as the outside mysteries unravel of what is truly beyond the mist. Frank Darabont seems to have his favorite picks in actors as years later some of the key cast in this film make it to The Walking Dead.
This is one of those movies that makes me not want to have kids. A lonesome house in the countryside in the middle of nowhere, 9 year old twin brothers begin to suspect their Mother isn't actiing like Mother. The solitary setting and creepiness of the children really drive this movie as it is dark and violent in tone.
7. MANDY (2018)
Some of you might not agree with a movie thats holding Nicolas Cage in a leading role but I assure you its with very good and gonzo like intentions. This revenge flick has a absolute gripping performance by Cage as well as vibrant acid trip type of visuals throughout the film. I haven't seen any horror movie this colorful since the original Suspiria. Red Miller (Cage) and Mandy Bloom (Andrea Riseborough) live a loving and peaceful life only to be interrupted by a demonic cult biker gang with the taste for human flesh led by a sadistic Jeremiah Sand.
Red sees RED and goes full on Nicolas Cage.
The Host
6. HOST (2020)
Here's a refreshing take on the found footage genre. Taking after 2014's Unfriended series, Host entire visual stance is completely viewed from the desktop of our main character Haley who gathers up her friends amidst the pandemic on a Zoom meeting for a seance gone wrong. The film is short but very effective from director/screenwriter Rob Savage, who shows much promise in the horror genre with upcoming projects with legendary director/producers like Sam Raimi (Evil Dead).
5. HEREDITARY (2018)
A24 Films is on a hot streak with first time feature length director Ari Aster. His first offering a very uncommon unsettling horror film keeps you on your toes til the closing credits. A family is baring the loss of their Grandmother, her past starts to unravel a cryptic and terrifying plan to bring an evil pagan lord into the real world. Toni Collette's stellar performance heightens the terror levels to 11...this is definitely a film you should not pass up. Aster's 2nd feature film with A24 is surely not to be missed as well. Watch both back to back for a double feature.
4. HALLOWEEN (2018)
Michael Myers is back again thanks to writers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, yes that Danny "Eastbound and Down" McBride. It's not the first time an actor known for his comedic chops takes a crack at the horror genre. When McBride & Green presented their treatment for a direct sequel to the original Halloween, ignoring all entries after 1981, to original writer and director John Carpenter...he was floored, the studio then jumped at the chance to bring Michael back to the screen for one last run. David Gordon Green brings a basic yet effective take on the franchise, giving you classic type scares from the original but turning it up just a bit. Jamie Lee Curtis returns to the role that jump started her career but this time shes been training for Michael's return for the perfect face off. This is the start of a new trilogy with Halloween Kills set to release sometime next year, filming has already began on the final chapter, Halloween Ends releasing in 2022.
3. DON'T LOOK NOW (1973)
Grieving the recent death of their younger daughter are in Venice when they meet two elderly sisters, one who is a psychic who gives warning from the beyond.
Classic performance from Donald Sutherland. Haunted by the sight of his daughter roaming the streets of Venice, John Baxter (Sutherland), becomes almost obsessed in tracking down the person who he thinks is his daughter. The final outcome is definitely is not what you think it is.
2. DEAD ALIVE (1993)
Before Lord of the Rings and other blockbuster movies, Peter Jackson put out this gory film out which became a cult classic. Its a story about a lovestruck teen and his zombified mother. Probably one of the most goriest films ever made. Do not watch this on a full stomach.
DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978 & 2004)
1. DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978 & 2004)
I'm including both original and remake only because the 2 are just great films in general. It is the start of the zombie apocalypse and a group of travelers seek refuge in a shopping mall. Surrounded by zombies and nowhere to go, the days are passing, people are growing weary and hungry as food and supplies start depleting.
The film that glorified the genius that is Edgar Wright. Stemmed from an episode of Spaced (1999-2001), a British sitcom which launched Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's careers, boasts a more realistic and comedic approach to a zombie epidemic. Imagine waking up from a night out and completely unaware that a zombie apocalypse happened over night. Watch this with your drinking buddies.