Charcoal Heather

Tiger Icon Tee

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The slogan featured on this shirt was contrived during the beginning of our brand. We never used this verbiage in any of our graphics, till now. With everything happening in the world currently, we feel that a message like this is needed. The words All Creeds Respected is seen under our brand’s name. The message is obvious, but the use of our newly created camouflage pattern filling in the inner text serves a much deeper purpose. Camouflage was created to blend in to its surroundings. It’s not meant to play against textures or colors but rather blend in and be universal. Our concept for this graphic shares in the traits of camouflage, as we do not judge not cater to any specific person or belief system. We create and serve everyone in the world.


Regular fit with short sleeves. Constructed out of 100% cotton.



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