Humanity VS Trump

Humanity VS Trump Tee

If you are familiar with our brand, you know what we are about. Ever since Acrylick was created, we have promoted positivity of all types. Usually we don’t like to express our political views due to the fact that everyone has their own views, and they should be respected regardless of difference.

Currently in politics, we’ve seen more and more of Donald Trump. We are surprised and disgusted about his political rise. His ideologies lack basic critical thinking skills, yet there are people supporting and backing his agenda. He spreads and promotes nothing but hate, yet people are supporting it. This makes us sick and truly concerned about the future of our country. His platform is based on supposedly making America great again, but lets be honest. America in it’s past wasn’t that great.

Just to name two things that America once had, is slavery and unequal women rights. From our point of view, he may very well be referring to that as what made American once great. Progress, means moving forward, not trying to attain the past. Greatness is from learning from mistakes and not making them again. Donald Trump is the opposite of greatness, and his supporters sadly , even though they don’t admit to it are filled with the same hate he’s promoting.

We created this shirt for our supporters. Our brand supports Humanity, and everything that continues to make Humanity great. Donald Trump and the garbage he’s spewing, is not one of them.