Acrylick Company Store

Our retail store will be reopening this May. We have completely reimagined the concept and goals we wanted to achieve from having our own retail store. Our original location served as more than a place to buy our products. It served as a spot for our local supporters to shop and feel at home in the brief time of visiting. When we closed and entered a hiatus from having our own storefront, we were overwhelmed by the amount of reactions, comments and emails we received. The reactions expressed that our store was missed, for greater reasons than most people would perceive. It was missed for our great retail employees, our events, and for being a symbol that an independent clothing brand inspired by positive messages and concepts could make it this far.

Our new store will embody everything we learned from having our original flagship. This new location and build out will be even closer tied to our brands heart. It will reside and be part of our actual headquarters in Pomona California. Rather than calling this our retail store, we are giving it the title of being our “company store”. It serves as a reflection of our brand and gives our supporters a chance to come closer to experiencing the surroundings in which we create.

The store will open this month, and start off with visits being by appointment only. This givespeople a chance to preview our new store before our official grand reopening. We plan on bringing back popular events that were thrown in our old Azusa California location. We will also be releasing exclusive products, that will be attainable only in our company store.

We thank everyone for the continued support, and hope you all enjoy Acrylick’s new retail experience!

Appointment dates are currently on available Friday and Saturday, between 11am and 7pm. Schedule an appointment below. A confirmation email will be sent once confirmed. We hope to see you soon!


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