3 States 1 Weekend

Yosemite was fun but we decided to hit the road again - this time around we wanted to go to a different state not expecting that we would be going to two different states in one weekend. A few friends and I took a short road trip to Zion National Park located inside of Utah. It was Friday evening packing our stuff waiting for a friend to get home from work - hours later got a text from him that he was ready to go. We hit the road around 10:30 pm picked up some road trip essentials at a local gas station and took off.

Arriving to Zion National Park a little after sunrise. We made a few stops in Utah, admiring the texture of the mountains and rocks - something none of us have ever experienced before and something we will never forget. Finally, arriving inside the national park we pay our entrance fee and begin our journey. We had no plans on where we were going to sleep, no camping spot but that was the last thing on our minds - before we knew, it was aready night time having no clue where we were going to sleep. Driving into different campsites hoping to find a parking spot where we won't get into any trouble and a location we could pitch a tent near. Unfortunately we had no luck. We pretty much gave up driving around looking for somewhere to sleep so we parked at a cafe a few minutes outside of Zion and ended up sleeping there. Oh, did I mention the cafe we slept at had wifi? It was great! We woke up to a cafe, wifi, and restrooms - not too shabby for a first night/morning in Utah!

Fresh morning in Utah - at the same cafe; the previous day a guy and his friends had recommended to us that we should hike the narrows, so we put that first on our list and headed there first thing in the morning. Taking the shuttle to the narrows where we hiked for about 4-5 hours, round trip. Stopping almost every 5 steps to take shots and to catch our balance. Hiking on rocks and fresh water that went as far as up to our waists at one point hoping that none of our gear gets wet. Rolling our ankles every second because of the rocks. We then made our way back due to the sun settling very soon and we didn't want to miss the shuttle back to our car otherwise we would've probably hiked another hour or two.

Moving forward to the next morning we headed to Monument Valley but of course we had to have our breakfast - a friend recommended Denny's that was near by so we agreed to head there. Long story short it was by far the worst service I have ever encountered, 45 minute wait for our food - finally gets to us but a friends order didn't have avocado that it should have came with, no avocado because their truck was late! What?! Oh well, we realized that we were close to Horseshoe Bend inside of Arizona so we quickly decided to head there before Monument Valley.

Horseshoe Bend was absolutely amazing. Ive always wanted to see it for myself and I was very stoked that I did, it was a 10/10... Ok maybe 9.5/10 just because the water looked a little drained but nonetheless it was a great view that I recommend to every one that is heading to Arizona, Utah, or the surrounding areas.

Finally arriving to Monument Valley after a 4 hour drive - getting our shots and making it quick so we can head back to Horseshoe Bend for sunset. Unfortunately that didn't happen, we were off half an hour but we stopped on the side of the road to catch a rad sunset with a nice gradient sky. Day was coming to an end and the sun shifted below the horizon we then drove off to grab some A1 pizza that was a 9/10 with GREAT service, I wish I remembered the name but it was near a Walmart and Horseshoe Bend and I do recommend the spot. Great quality and service no doubt. 

Finally, our last night came so quickly. We drove to a beach called Lone Rock beach and arrived around 10 pm or later and pitched two tents at a campsite, near the water. Something I will never forget. The little waves crashing into each other making a calming sound, hearing children playing in the water after midnight. Taking photos of the sky and first time shooting the Milky Way. Moments like these are why I love this stuff. What a road trip. 

Next morning headed to Sand Hollow Beach that a friend wanted to check out because he heard of some cliff you can jump off of into the water - that was great. Made a few stops in Nevada and that was a wrap. Unforgettable moments with good company!