Don't Sleep Records Collaboration

We continue on our journey into sound, taking a dive into music a bit further. Our latest Collaboration with “Don’t Sleep Records” is a prime example of this idea. Where the music inspires the graphics. Our goal is to create unique pieces of work that bring substance to our community by merging sight with sound.

Don't Sleep Records is an independent record label focusing on jazz and soul infused hip-hop, with limited edition vinyl releases. It is their goal to preserve the art of physical media and the nostalgic sound of the golden era. This season we selected two tracks from the Don't Sleep Record catalog of music to be influenced by, with a few million plays we know that others are also being inspired by these tracks. We selected “It’s Nice Outside” and “Better Days” produced by @phoniksbeats and the very talented MC @antililly. These two tracks spoke to us while in the design process, bringing optimism and truth to the world. How our perspective and mindset can be the difference between good and bad days. These cats are deeper than your average and we hope you take a listen to the Don’t Sleep Record library of music, which can be found on all streaming platforms. Here's the Don't Sleep Essentials playlist for your ears!

We are honored to bring you these two Collaboration Graphic Tees and Limited Keychain.

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