On location with ironlaks

Chatsworth, California.

Yesterday two friends and I decided to take a drive outside of Downtown LA to shoot something a little different, we headed to a train tunnel in Chatsworth which has many stories about deaths occurring inside of the train tunnel. Considering that none of us have ever been to the locationl before; it took us a little while to find the train tunnel. We hiked up a trail and a friend @gqthe1st spotted a fence which led to the tunnel—the fence had a hole at the bottom and that's where we entered to later find out there was a much easier entrance. 

Before we got our cameras out we were amazed by the location and how nice it was, the whole spot looked like it was somewhere out of a movie or something at disneyland—with a lot of large rocks pilled up everywhere you turn your head. Finally, we got our cameras out and started shooting; entering the tunnel to amazing texture inside with a rocky wrap around deep into the tunnel. We could see light coming in from the other end. @gqthe1st mentioned the idea of running across to the other end to see how that side looked and shortly after @manuelmangos and I agreed to the idea. The tunnel isn't abandoned, trains come through every 10-15 minutes and there is no room inside of the tunnel to avoid a train coming—we waited paitently for a train to pass before we decided to cross so we can time ourselves correctly. A few minutes later a train finally passed and we decided to make the move and run across the tunnel to the other side. It wasn't a short tunnel it took about a minute to run across (at least thats what it felt like) getting a crazy adrenaline rush knowing that any minute or second a train can come flying across the tunnel and we would all be done. We made it across to find out the other side wasn't so great but was worth the rush.

Hanging inside of the tunnel, running across to the other side, and getting shots of some Acrylick gear is what the day consisted of. An amazing experience and definitely something we will all remember. Below are some shots from that tunnel that I would personally like to share, check them out and also check out @gqthe1st and @manuelmangos on Instagram for their perspective of the day.


Shots and story by Raymond Diaz (@ironlaks)