Acrylick Tempo Collection 2015

Our new Tempo collection is based on life’s ever-changing pace. Similar to music, life changes in many speeds. As humans, we each have control of our lives, and it’s speed. We often lose track of important details by going to fast, or don’t reach our goals by not moving quickly enough. Moving at one’s perfect pace is important. The wrong speed whether too fast or too slow, can cause mistakes we regret. It’s best to start off slow, and take advice and guidance by those around us. We wanted to express this concept in our new collection. The most important advice is no matter what tempo we choose to live; we must take in every moment and never forget what got us to the next speed. Acrylick Tempo Collection 2015 will be available at our Company Store this Saturday June 13, No appointment needed. 11am – 6pm

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