Beat Junkies x Acrylick

Acrylick is proud to announce our collaboration with The Beat Junkies. This internationally respected and recognized group of DJ’s have entertained and inspired many, including our brand personally. The achievements of this group are plentiful, and continue grow. Working with a group this highly respected, and influential is an honor.

Originally formed in 1992, The Beat Junkies have each established themselves as extraordinary DJ’s individually through various projects and achievements. Together, they created an unstoppable group, with a distinct style and sound that has been emulated by many, but never duplicated. In an ever-changing and often faux industry such as music, The Beat Junkies have continued serve as a perfect example of success stemming from hard work, and staying true to the craft. The group continues to evolve, stay active, and remains dedicated to art, sharing it with others through music and other outlets. The work ethic and quality emitted, responsible for their success is also a lifestyle that should be applied by others looking to take a similar direction of longevity and quality. Their contributions to DJing, Turntablism, and Hip Hop culture will continue to inspire future generations.

Our capsule will feature 2 pieces curated by The Beat Junkies, and designed by us at Acrylick. Each graphic will be closely tied and referenced to the music, which is obviously deeply rooted in both of our brands. The end result is one that we are proud to release, with a vibe and aesthetic synonymous with both Acrylick and The Beat Junkies Lifestyle.


The Beat Junkies logo was recreated using the audio format that made the mixtape famous. Each of the typefaces seen on the tapes were curated by The Beat Junkies. All cassettes combine to create The Beat Junkies lantern logo, giving the cassettes a new life. This theme was chosen the show the strong influence music, and the variety of genres that create the infamous Beat Junkie sound. Both brand names lastly scroll on top and bottom, finishing off and complimenting the highly detailed graphic.



Taking inspiration from an infamous collaboration in Hip Hop history, we intend to make our own impact showing that two similar brands can excel together. Ruthless records and Priority were part of early gangster rap history. Its formation produced and distributed music that changed not just music, but the world, creating a culture still seen today. We respect the movement created, and the aesthetic used on this shirt pays homage to the idea that two groups can combine to be successful in making a lasting impact.