Acrylick x Rhettmatic Collaboration

The Acrylick Artist Series Project is an ongoing project where we collaborate with local artists.  This project showcases both accomplished as well as unknown artist who we feel support our culture here at Acrylick.  We are seeking to work with artists who bring creative ideas and concepts to the world.  Our goal is to create unique pieces of work that bring substance to our community.  We will be hand selecting artists who we feel bring these unique qualities to the table.  


Our latest featured artist is “Dj Rhettmatic,” who is an internationally known Deejay and respected producer.  His talent and musical expertise also extends into the realm of music production that helped him earn recognition and rewards. Today's music society is composed of an ever-changing industry, but Dj Rhettmatic has continued to serve as a perfect example of what it looks like to stay true to your craft.  His hard work and determination have stemmed him to success.  His contributions to Djing, Turntablism, and Hip-Hop culture will continue to inspire future generations to come.  We are honored to release this Collaboration Tee along with our new Mixtape Series with Dj Rhettmatic.  The first Mixtape on this series is the "Soul Mixtape.

Acrylick x Rhettmatic - Soul Mixtape

This particular mix is collection of new & obscure R&B/Soul joints from Independent Artists from the US & Europe with a touch of well known artists. There’s so much good music out there that a lot gets overlooked & falls thru the cracks. For me personally, this is a chance to play some soul joints & showcase talent that I think people need to hear, Beat Junkie Style! This is for all you Music Lovers out there...Enjoy! -Rhettmatic

Our Collaboration Tee features a few written hand-styles of our favorite genres of music, that this Mixtape Series with Dj Rhettmatic will feature, from Jazz, to Boom Bap, Reggae, Funk, Electro and kicking of the series with the "My Soul to Yours" Soul Mixtape.

Acrylick x Rhettmatic T-shirt - Beat Junkies

 To learn more about Dj Rhettmatic..

Instagram: @rhettmatic / @thebeatjunkies / @thevisionaries


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