Record Store Day 2022

Record Store Day is just around the corner!  This is a yearly event that started in 2008 to celebrate record stores.  It is a day to celebrate record stores, their staffs, the artists, as well as the customers.  It gives record lovers a chance to celebrate the unique culture of record stores and the special role they play within their communities.  On this day there are special vinyls and CD's that are released in limited quantities to whoever can get their hands on them first!


The Official Record Store Day 2022 list is pretty long, which does not include very much Hip-Hop!  So here’s our wishlist of records we’ll try to score this year.  Journey into sound with us!


Record Store Day is 4/23/22. Happy Diggings!


The Instrumentals

Release Date: 4/23/2022

Format: LP

Label: Hardly Art

Quantity: 950

Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

La Luz - The Instrumentals is a fully instrumental version of La Luz's self-titled 2021 album. Produced by Adrian Younge - renowned for his work with Ghostface Killah, Kendrick Lamar, and many more - The Instrumentals offers a uniquely atmospheric way to re-experience the ghostly electric guitar shimmers, charging fuzz-guitar rock, soulful organ-driven dream-funk, galactic synths, and breezy ‘70s folk-pop of the album. On aqua/natural-swirl vinyl, and limited to 2200 copies worldwide.

"Fun fact: we played at least twice as many instruments on our new album La Luz than we have on any album before! These instrumental mixes pull back the curtain to reveal the sonic landscape of the songs in all their beautiful stereophonic 3-D glory. Each track is its own living realm that we’re inviting you to step inside and explore. Hum your own melody, write your own words, lie down in a field of poppies while an orchestra of light dances behind your eyelids" – Shana Cleveland, La Luz

"This instrumental album truly represents the core of this incredible trio. Omit the vocal and the listener gets a behind the scenes look into their indelible minds. Such a journey.” - Adrian Younge

In the Country - The Pines - Watching Cartoons - Oh, Blue - Goodbye Ghost - Yuba Rot - Metal Man - Lazy Eyes and Dune - Down the Street - I Won't Hesitate - Here on Earth - Spider House



So… How's Your Girl?

Release Date: 4/23/2022

Format: 2 x LP

Label: Tommy Boy Music, LLC

Quantity: 2500

Release type: 'RSD First' Release

Handsome Boy Modeling School is a conceptual collaboration featuring Dan The Automator (Gorillaz, Dr. Octagon, Deltron 3030) and Prince Paul (Stetsasonic, De La Soul, Gravediggaz).  So…How’s Your Girl? features guest appearances by the Beastie Boys Mike D, DJ Shadow, Grand Puba, Del The Funkee Homespaian and many more and was a catchy fusion of old-shool hip hop, guitar-driven alt rock, trip hop & experimental electronica.  The album was critically loved by Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, NME & more.

A1. Rock N' Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) - A2. Magnetizing - A3. Metaphysical - B1. Look At This Face (Oh My God They're Gorgeous) - B2. Waterworld - B3. Once Again (Here To Kick One For You) - B4. The Truth - C1. Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II) - C2. Calling The Biz - C3. The Projects (P Jays) - C4. Sunshine - D1. Modeling Sucks - D2. Torch Song Trilogy - D3. The Runway Song - D4. Megaton B-Boy 2000 - D5. Father Speaks


Vol. 2

Release Date: 4/23/2022

Format: LP

Label: Blacklake

Quantity: 4000

Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

Longtime Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne keys and guitar player Adam Wakeman (as Milton Keanes) is back with Jazz Sabbath Vol. 2.

According to the liner notes, the UK jazz trio Jazz Sabbath were recording two albums in 1969 when disaster struck. Their debut album was cancelled, and their second album shelved; leaving room for a certain band from Birmingham becoming famous by playing metal versions of their jazz songs; claiming they were their own. Jazz Sabbath were powerless to do anything about it.

The discovery of their debut album master tapes and the following re-release of the album in 2020 has changed everything. With the truth finally out there and the Birmingham band exposed as musical charlatans, Milton Keanes and colleagues have reunited and finished recording their second album. This album contains the songs in their original form, replenished with 52 years of experience, vigor... and rage.

The tranquil “Symptom Of The Universe,” the full eight-minute version of “Paranoid (not that metal afterthought version everyone knows) and of course the song that other band so blatantly named themselves after.

This limited translucent natural vinyl MONO edition for Record Store Day 2022 comes with a bonus track, a bonus DVD and alternative artwork.

A1. Paranoid - A2. Snowblind - A3. Behind The Wall Of Sleep - A4. Orchid * - B1. Sabbra Cadabra - B2. Symptom Of The Universe - B3. N.I.B. - B4. Black Sabbath - * RSD bonus track


Ahora Me Da Pena

Release Date: 4/23/2022

Format: 12" Vinyl

Label: BMG

Quantity: 2700

Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

An EP continuing the celebration of Buena Vista Social Club's 25th Anniversary, featuring a previously unheard track plus three others never released on vinyl.

SIDE A 1. Ahora Me Da Pena 2. Chan Chan (Monitor Mix) SIDE B 1. Macusa (Alternate Take) 2. Saludo Compay


In The Basement

Release Date: 4/23/2022

Format: LP

Label: Luv N'Haight

Quantity: 1000

Release type: 'RSD First' Release

The Pharaohs only managed one release during their short lifetime, 1971's masterful Awakening. But when the San Francisco-based jazz-funk reissue label Luv N Haight reissued Awakening in 1996, they also came out with a brand-new CD of mostly previously unreleased material called In the Basement.

Most of this album was recorded live in 1972, after the already enormous 11-piece band had grown to include four more players, including a sixth drummer. The live tracks are fascinating, because where Awakening sounds like an earthier and more Afrocentric version of Earth, Wind & Fire (which several members of the Pharaohs would go on to found in 1973), the much loopier and more jazz-oriented tracks here sound more like Sun Ra jamming with the P-Funk All Stars. The 11-minute take on the Stylistics' "People Make the World Go Round" is absolutely indescribable, a mix of otherworldly horns and psychedelic guitars over a non-stop African-style groove. Other highlights include the all-rhythm "Drum Suite," a hypnotic blend of organic polyrhythms and chanting. –AllMusic

A1) In the Basement - A2) People Make the World Go "Round - B1) African Roots - B2) The Pharaohs Love Y'all - B3) Drum Suite


Jazz Dispensary: Super Skunk

Release Date: 4/23/2022

Format: LP

Label: Craft Recordings

Quantity: 3500

Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

Jazz Dispensary returns with a groovy new compilation that zigzags in the sonic space between the hard bop saxophone extravaganza of Cannonball Adderley and Houston Person, to the rhythmic meditations of Woody Herman and The Bar-Kays. Lacquers cut by Jeff Powell at Take Out Vinyl and pressed on Opaque Red vinyl with artwork by GRAMMY-winning designer Masaki Koike.

Side A: 1. Gary Bartz - Make Me Feel Better - 2. The Cannonball Adderley Quartet - Pyramid - 3. The Bar-Kays - Feelin' Alright - 4. Houston Person - The Houston Express - 5. Art Jerry Miller - Finger Lickin' Good Side B: - 1. Catalyst - New-Found Truths - 2. Woody Herman - Fat Mama - 3. Rabbits & Carrots - Las Cuatro Culturas - 4. The Pazant Brothers & The Beaufort Express - You've Got To Do Your Best


L.A. Woman (Sessions)

Release Date: 4/23/2022

Format: 4 x LP

Label: Rhino/Elektra

Quantity: 11000

Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

A breakout standalone 4LP set, curated by Bruce Botnick, made up of over 2 ½ hours of outtakes from the bonus content from the 50th anniversary set. 

These 2 releases below will be in record stores on June 18th 2022.


What It Is: Montreal 7/7/83

Release Date: 6/18/2022

Format: 2 x LP

Label: Legacy

Quantity: 10000

Release type: 'RSD First' Release

This double LP release features one of Miles Davis’ final great bands: John Scofield on guitar, Bill “The Other Bill Evans” Evans on saxophones, flute and electric piano, Darryl Jones on bass, Al Foster on drums, and percussionist Mino Cinelu. Miles was back in amazing form (“incandescent and iridescent as ever,” critic Greg Tate noted), when he mounted the stage at the Theatre St-Denis during the Festival International De Jazz De Montreal in July 1983, and this revelatory performance has been lovingly mixed and mastered for its first ever release, on vinyl for Record Store Day 2022. (A CD will be part of the next edition of the Miles Davis Bootleg Series, focusing on the 1981-1985 period, later in the year.)

What It Is includes tracks from that year’s release Star People, the Marcus Miller tune “Hopscotch” and the song “Jean-Pierre” that appeared on 1982’s We Want Miles. The recordings of “What It Is” and “That’s What Happened” were so well thought of by Miles that he utilized them for his 1984 release Decoy, but in heavily edited form and this release would include the first release of them in complete form. Packaged in beautiful gatefold packaging, the album features liner notes penned by the incomparable music journalist Greg Tate and represent some of his final writing.

Side A: 1. Speak (That’s What Happened) - 2. Star People - Side B: - 1. What It Is - 2. It Gets Better - Side C - 1. Hopscotch - 2. Star On Cicely - 3. Jean-Pierre - Side D - 1. Code 3 - 2. Creepin’ In


In My Prime

Release Date: 6/18/2022

Format: 2 x LP

Label: Tidal Waves Music

Quantity: 1500

Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

This unique album comes as a deluxe 180g DOUBLE vinyl edition (strictly limited to 2000 copies worldwide) with obi strip and is packaged in a gatefold jacket featuring the original artworks and session shots from Mark Bug Zester, Don Diesveld & Hans Harzheim (known for their work with artists such as Sun Ra, Chet Baker and Pharoah Sanders). To top it all off, this release also includes the original liner notes written by renowned author and producer Chip Stern (Ginger Baker, Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis). Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2022.

Art Blakey was a major figure and a pioneer for modern jazz, he assumed an aggressive swing drumming style early on in his career and is known as one of the inventors of the modern bebop style of drumming. His signature polyrhythmic style was amazing, exuding power and originality, creating a dark cymbal sound punctuated by frequent loud snare and bass drum accents in triplets or cross-rhythms. A loud and domineering drummer…but Blakey also listened and responded to the others in the band. He was an original, an important drummer you’d hear…and would recognize immediately.

Art Blakey was inducted into the Downbeat Jazz Hall of Fame (1981), the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame (1991), the Grammy Hall of Fame (1998 and 2001) and was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously in 2005. He was sampled and remixed by renowned acts such as Raekwon, Black Eyed Peas, A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, Buscemi, KRS-One and Madlib.

  1. Jody - 2. 1978 - 3. To See Her Face - 4. Kamal - 5. Hawkman - 6. People Who Laugh - 7. Time Will Tell - 8. Ronnie's A Dynamite Lady

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