The Frequency Collection

In life we must not only be tuned into the right frequency, but we must also consistently check ourselves to ensure that we are leveling at our maximum output.  While continually analyzing and remaining aware of all that impacts us on the daily, we can ensure a healthy mindset. Finding balance doesn’t come over night, it’s something that takes time and practice.

 This collection symbolizes the importance of being strong minded and well rooted.  It also serves as a reminder to balance your life in a way that promotes gratefulness, self-care, and growth. We must take our time to care for ourselves and care for others. Because what we put out to the world comes right back to us.  We hope that as this year comes to an end, we can appreciate all that we have in this moment and find our balance point.


Acrylick - A Symbol of Goodness Tee


A true symbol of goodness is one that exemplifies qualities of being virtuous.  Since 2003, our message has remain the same, “Ask Somebody!”  Our love for music & spreading positivity can be seen within our designs since the start of the brand.  We stand the test of time and will remain as a symbol of goodness then, now, and tomorrow.

We often relate to trees because they give us the courage to persevere even the harshest conditions. Just like any tree that lives, you must keep your roots grounded in order to grow. As you twist and bend through life there will be moments where you will need to weather the storm, but like any tree we must continue to find the light in life in order to reach new heights.

Acrylick - Easy Does It TeeEasy Does It:

Often times the best approach to getting things done is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.  Remaining chill in times of difficulty can help you through whatever task is at hand.  As we enter this season let us try to move a little more carefully. Remembering to breath and to be easy!

Acrylick - Find Balance Tee - Mind, Body, Soul Tee.

Find Balance:

We should all want to be better versions of ourselves and improve our overall wellbeing. Most of the time, we tend to concentrate only on the body, focusing on our physical health. While this is important, it’s not the only component of wellbeing we should be improving.

To achieve lasting health, we need to understand the importance of the body, mind, and soul and how they work together to build our overall wellbeing. A healthy body keeps you well and active. A healthy mind keeps you focused and engaged. A healthy soul keeps you fulfilled and content.

Acrylick - Low Frequency Tee

Low Frequency:

Staying low key has its advantages, as humans we all vibrate on frequencies. The wrong frequencies of others around us can disrupt ours and the same can be said if we don’t check ourselves too. Knowing our own frequency can lead to a life of fewer distractions and more fulfillment.  Remaining true to yourself will essentially allow your truth to flow through you and into the world.

Acrylick - Nu Jazz Club Tee

Nu-Jazz Club:

Jazz is recognized as a form of musical expression. Allowing those that participate to play with music and experiment. Not all takes will be perfect, but that’s not the goal. The freedom to make mistakes that allows growth to happen, learning, and adapting to perform in a new way is the goal.  The key is to not abandon the old, but to also keep Nu ideas flowing and allowing them to flourish.

Acrylick - Vinyl Sounds Better Tee

Vinyl Sounds Better:

If you ask any music enthusiast, they will tell you that “Vinyl records sound better.”  However, not all records have been taken care of equally, so this can’t be all true. We here at Acrylick must say that Vinyl does sound better when you take care of them.  This is done by properly handling and storing them. This graphic illustrates the correct way to care for your vinyl in order to preserve them for the future!





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