Compact Disc Tee
Compact Disc Tee
Compact Disc Tee
Compact Disc Tee

Compact Disc Tee

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Growing up in the 90’s and 2000’s evokes a strong sense of nostalgia with CDs. The experience of holding a CD up to the light for the first time and witnessing the prismatic colors gleaming beautifully was a special moment. The convenience of navigating through tracks with a simple touch of a button and putting that "perfect song" on repeat was unmatched. Even now, handling a CD transports us back to our younger days, eagerly anticipating trips to the store for our favorite artists' latest releases.

Soon after, the ability to download our favorite songs at home allowed us to create our own soundtracks for weekend drives or parties. Carrying around our CD cases filled with music ready to share with others defined those times.


Our Original tee with Short Sleeves, crafted from 6oz. 100% cotton.

Imported. Eco-Friendly Water Base Print.

This Item Ships within 3-8 Business Days.


Acrylick - Standard Tee Fit Guide


Acrylick - High/Low Tee - Fit Guide


*Sizes very

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