About Us

We are a Los Angeles based clothing company, making fashion with a positive message, putting meanings behind every shirt/work/design. We at Acrylick believe that things should be universal. We dont believe in conformity of any sort. Each individual embodies their own originative spirit and should share it with others. What we are trying to accomplish is to have our clothing line be universal. We want our clothing to be worn by everyone no matter what race, creed, gender, or status they are.

Acrylick is a metaphor for the journey of life and the pursuit of one’s soul and individuality in this world. The masses may first perceive the word acrylic as being only related to paint, but when analyzed to a deeper symbolic level, it is much more. Acrylic is used to paint and can be easily seen as an element we use to express our feelings, emotions, and soul on paper, canvas, wood, etc. It is a medium that we use to put what we have in our minds and hearts out to the world visually. Acrylick intends for our clothing to have the same purpose. Acrylick clothing is not meant to make the individual that wears our clothing part of the norm, nor do we try to push conformity. Instead we intend to have individuals use our clothing as a way to find their own original spirit. Being able to express visually what they feel within through our clothing.

Acrylick Icon

This icon/logo actively represents our goal where the message is the focus and concept. It physically personifies the people we create for. With closer observations, the logo has many human attributes—one of which are the wide arms that reach out, exemplifying Acrylick’s culture of extending itself to others despite their gender, race, or creed. We create to reach out to everyone and aspire to help motivate and encourage individuality. 

When creating ideas and searching for inspiration, we always consider what will most successfully serve and encourage the “people”, which are the current and future supporters of Acrylick. We are a brand that expands always from music, art, and creativity above everything else. We do not fixate on a specific audience or genre. Through our clothing, we hope to motivate others to express themselves and to find their individuality from using our brand.



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